Waiheke Wine Tasting Waiheke, Auckland Tours – Experience The Best One!

Waiheke Island is a convenient ferry ride away from Auckland, in a small micro climate idyllically perfect for cultivating grapes. Because of its shallow depth, Waiheke wine grapes are prized for their crisp, clear taste. In addition, Waiheke wine tours produce award-winning and versatile wines that attract local residents and tourists to this small paradise. Waiheke wine tours take you deep into the Waiheke Valley to experience Waiheke’s natural wine production. You’ll taste Waiheke’s signature reds, white wines, and sparkling wines, some bottled on site and some available at select Waiheke wine retailers throughout New Zealand.

The Waiheke wine tasting in Waiheke, Auckland start with delicious lunch aboard a rented boat on Waiheke Harbour. Enjoy the scenery as you glide across Waiheke Harbour, stopping at charming beach houses and hotels along the way. Each day, you’ll travel a few miles to visit Waiheke Castle, where King Edward anchored his famous fleet of ships, including the famed “Wickes.” After learning about the history of Waiheke Castle, participate in a self-guided ferry ride back to Waiheke Island.

Waiheke Island has many wonderful restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy food and wine while participating in the island wine tour. Two Waiheke restaurants popular with tourists are Waiheke Garden Bar and Waiheke Restaurant. Enjoy two different styles of cuisine, wine from one of Waiheke restaurants or sample Waiheke gulf wines from your own kitchen. A Waiheke wine tour guide will help you choose your favorite restaurant and explain how the wine is produced.

The Waiheke wine tours usually conclude with a trip to Waiheke’s five vineyards, where expert Waiheke wine tasting in Waiheke, Auckland take place in a relaxed atmosphere just off the Waiheke Harbor walkway. At each property, you’ll be served an open bar, where you can explore the vineyards without worry of being toe caught. At each Waiheke Vineyard, you’ll taste a different varietal and get an idea about the variety of wines being made on Waiheke Island.

Waiheke Vineyards offers several Waiheke wine tours every day, and some of them include lunch. Waiheke restaurant owner Kimpton Strong believes that it’s important to have a relaxed atmosphere during Waiheke wine tours because no one wants to feel pressured at lunch. Waiheke restaurants tend to offer a buffet during lunch instead of a sit down meal, and Strong prefers to leave plates and utensils outside to enhance the ambiance. At Waiheke restaurants, you’ll find food such as lobster tails, crab cakes, crab salad, and fresh salmon served with Waiheke bread. If you’re looking for Waiheke wine tours that include lunch, Waiheke owner Kimpton Strong recommends Pina Coladas, Salmon At Auks, and Haupia.

There are also several Waiheke wine tours that include Matiatia. Waiheke Island, located off the Waiheke Harbor in Honshu, is surrounded by other beautiful Waiheke wine regions. Many wine producers make their wine in Waiheke Island, and Matiatia, which is Waiheke’s biggest city, is a popular place to go for Matiatia wine tastings. Some of the most famous winemakers in Waiheke are located in Matiatia, including Strong, which makes Chardonnay; Boso, which makes Pinot Noir; and Diageo, which makes Italian wine such as Vino Nobilella. For wine tours that include Matiatia, Waiheke wine tours usually start at Waiheke Island and end at Waiheke harbor.

Waiheke offers a variety of experiences for visitors, whether it’s a helicopter ride over the island, a lunch at one of the wineries, or a guided tour through the vineyards and to the meeting rooms where local business is presented before and after the wine tasting. During your tour, you will probably see wineries that specialize in local varieties of grape. You’ll also be able to attend some Waiheke wine tasting in Waiheke, Auckland classes where you’ll taste the difference between Waiheke Island wines and those on the mainland.

The next time you’re in Auckland, consider taking one of the Waiheke wine tours that include a visit to Waiheke Island and/or the Waiheke Peninsula. You can experience the Waiheke wine tasting in Waiheke, Auckland tours during the winter or in spring, depending upon the region. If you choose to visit during the summer, the weather in the area is perfect for enjoying all-weather activities. Whether you travel by air, sea, or land, there are plenty of activities to fill your day with Waiheke Wine Tours!